GodFirst exists to help people in neighbourhoods and nations get and keep God first in their lives

Multigenerational + multicultural

We are a multigenerational and multicultural family that love to worship God and do life together in our fast paced and action packed city.

Coming together + going out

We love coming together and we love going out into the various sectors of society in which we find ourselves Monday through Friday.

All about Jesus

We love seeing people from all walks of life coming to know and love Jesus and we do our best to ensure that guests are welcome at every gathering we have.


Some have suggested the book of The Acts of the Apostles should really be called “The Acts of the Holy Spirit” for it is all about the church being founded, being led and directed by the Holy Spirit. This series will explore how the Spirit continues Jesus' mission through empowering, sending and using his church to establish his Kingdom throughout the world, starting in Jerusalem.



Overspending, unsecured lending, corrupton and money troubles seem to be the order of the day. Living beyond our means has become a growing phenomenon in our naton – ofen to the detriment of family life and even to the point of compromising the law. This series aims to equip us with a biblical approach to how we earn, save and spend our money – and how we give it away


Our meetings are at 9am and 6pm on Sundays at 56A 1st Avenue West Parktown North;

9:30am in Braamfontein on the corner of Jorissen and Melle and at

6pm on the WITS campus in OLS1 during term time



Parktown North


WITS Campus